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My name is Wai Ching Schroeder. Wai Ching means wisdom of a bright star.

In the year of 2017, I have started painting following my screenplay writing since the end of 2016. What makes me start creating? Simply, I realize I am in pain.

I came to America alone without family support when I just turned 17. I became a Registered Nurse when I was 20 years old. Being a nurse is not glamourous. My profession as a RN allows me witness people suffering and sharing their pain. It keeps me well grounded.

To create gives me an imaginary outlet to transfer the negative energy and pain into canvases. Pain becomes paint. I specialize in abstract art and have a variety of distinctive styles, ranging from minimalistic to complicated line styles. Painting on canvases is more emotional, whereas drawing on paper is intellectual to me.

Overall, I hope you find inspirations and connection in my art!

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